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What To Bring

The following documentation you will need to bring with you for your Credit Approval Process

  • Valid Pennsylvania Drivers License - and address change card if address on license is not correct.
  • Proof of Residence - Phone, Cable, Electric, Gas Bill or Mailed Bank Statement. Must have physical address listed.
    Must be a full bill, payment stubs alone are not accepted as proof.
    If you have a Landlord/Mortgage Company/ or Live with a Relative: We will need their Name, Address & Phone #.
  • Proof of Income
    - Two Most Recent Pay Stubs.
    * If you do not have regular computer generated Pay Stubs with tax deductions & YTD listed - Call us! We will advise you of what the finance company will need/accept to prove your income!
  • Bank Account - If you have a Bank Account, we will need your most recent Checking and/or Savings Account Statement. Transaction history print off's from the bank are not accepted. In addition to the statement, please also bring a Voided Check and/or Deposit Slip.
  • Down Payment - Must be in form of Cash or Certified Bank Check. We do not accept Personal Checks or Credit Cards.
  • Trade - If you have a trade, you will need to bring the Title and Registration Card. All owners must be present to sign off & have valid photo ID available.
  • Full Coverage Insurance - For the vehicle you are purchasing, you will be required to maintain Full Coverage Insurance with Comprehensive and Collision Deductibles $1000 or below.